New constructions can not replace all buildings in Sochi. Besides modern construction inspired by the Olympic dream, you’ll find landmarks from a bygone era, once inspired by a different dream: a workers paradise.

Some constructions are¬†dilapidated, but many of the larger structures are still in use. You cannot miss the concert hall at the start of Sochi’s embankment or the characteristic hotel complex in Dagomys with its futuristic elevators descending to the beach.

Today, while concrete degeneration is kicking in and the future has become a different future, these landmarks of Soviet architecture may give the traveller a peek into different times. And they can tell us that big dreams came to Sochi long before the Olympic Games.


Above: Build in 1973 during the boom of Soviet touristic construction the Zhemchuzhina (Pearl) hotel complex is still one of the main hotels in Sochi Proper and hosts cultural events such as the anual Kinotavr film festival.



Olympiiskaya Hotel in Dagomys



I believe this is the elevator in Dagomys, but there is a similar structure in Khosta too.



Above: On the left the walls and roof of the concert hall. On the right Mayak beach with the first slide, where there is now a large aquapark.



Above: this hotel complex in Dagomys was build in 1981.





Above: Sochi’s central station.



Above: Sochi’s Sea port (1957)